That Married Life (Final Part: Serving as One)

Let me be candid with you all, Josh and I had planned to finish out this series on marriage by talking about love languages and needs. Instead I felt convicted today by how completely worldly that focus is. There is a greater calling on married couples than simply making eachother happy, serving God and furthering His kingdom.

We acknowledge and admit that this is a hard thing to accomplish. Honestly, this is an area that we as a couple know that we should be better in but often find that we have so many excuses on why right now is not the best time for us to commit to an area of service or get involved in a local church event. We often find or at least feel that we do not have the time in our days, weeks or months to accommodate the act of serving together. Beyond that, there is the entirely separate struggle over deciding what that service should look like. But it is essential for the both of you that you make this a priority for your marriage to succeed. Your marriage is about more than just making the two of you happy. It is about letting God's love for the world shine through you to others. Make a plan and stick to it. Stay committed to it. Stuff will come up and make you want to skip over that area of service for the week or month, but make it a priority to stay diligent in it.

Josh and I firmly believe that, much like the church body, a married couple is made up of two unique individuals who have both been given gifts or abilities that will help them in service of some type. Getting together as a couple to discuss what abilities or gifts each of you has to offer is a great first step in deciding where you could be serving together. Does your wife have the gift of hospitality? Then host families for dinner and speak into their lives over a warm meal. Any time you have the opportunity to meet with other people and be a part of their lives is a chance to further God’s kingdom. Host game night, organize group runs, offer a cooking class...use skills and interests you already have to bring people together. Other ways to serve may be available in your church. I haven’t been to a church yet that hasn’t needed more volunteers. Just ask yourselves two questions and see where the conversation goes. How can I speak the word of God into the lives of those who do not know Him? How can I be a blessing/ uplifting to my fellow believers?

Get out there and serve others… together. The needs are great and abundant. It actually takes a lot less effort and time than we would like to admit to bless others. Think beyond yourselves and your own needs and desires. Pick a night a week or a couple nights (if you have that much free time) and do something together for others.